The Instrumental Rift

The Instrumental Rift finally satisfies my desire for clean sound design. After a lot of experimentation, I’ve set my main preferences for the sound and this project has become the first to start with all things considered. It grew much larger than expected and got quite unusual transitions. This project is the most important for me as of now because I see it as a quintessence of my investigations of sound. 

Eventually, I started to think about creating the visuals and telling the story with this project. Storytelling with music and no words always fascinated me and I was interested in many things regarding animation. I was afraid that such visual projects require huge budgets to look awesome, but I decided that this project must receive its visual story. I’ve gathered all resources that I could spend on it and my long search for animation companies has started. It has been quite exhausting and I’ve been receiving many refusals. Eventually, I split the production and began to search for individual contractors that will only be responsible for specific parts of the project. Many great people got involved in this project and I’m happy that we could work together.

After all the struggle, I present The Instrumental Rift project as something unusual to my beloved industry.

Here you can buy the package that consists of:

Music file in many useful formats, including master quality audio and no limiter version.

Story videoclip file in best quality formats.

Concept art, storyboard and other behind the scenes materials.

Free digital NFT collectible with the badge of the project.

Price: $2

Access to files is granted permanently after purchase.

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