I’m Sapralex and this website is a place of my music and adjacent art. My project blends electronic and orchestral sounds. My interest in music production started with the Big Room style. However, I always wanted to use live instruments there and have a contrast between melodic and aggressive parts. This led to many trials and errors, and investigations to find my own sound. During that time, my love of music shifted towards orchestral and other instrumental projects. I began to notice the big difference between this music and my older preferences. I really got into the technical part of the music to discover what defines the sound quality that I like. I spend the longest time on said “quality”, doubting the meaning of this word for music. After many projects and a lot of time, I finally feel that I found my way of designing the sound that I like, combining my preferences from both worlds of electronic and orchestral with a unique mixing style. The first of my project with the desired result is called “The Instrumental Rift” and this is the definitive beginning of my project. However, during my investigation, I happen to create many projects which helped me understand many things. I picked 4 of them and decided that these also should see the release.